2022 Toyota Camry: Overview

The 2022 Toyota Camry has the same identity as earlier models, but because of its exaggerated appearance and performance model, it is hardly identifiable. This is due to the fact that the modern Camry is likely its most enticing model yet. The common, if the boring, four-cylinder engine is cost-effective and suitable for daily driving. Even if the hybrid version's acceleration is unremarkable, it maximizes fuel efficiency. With the sport-tuned Camry TRD, which is truly fun to drive, the lusty 301-hp V-6 is left to take up the pace. The Honda Accord and other competitors may be more sophisticated and enjoyable overall. Still, Toyota has its own appealing attributes, such as a full complement of standard active safety technologies and the goodwill built up over many years of proven dependability. The diversity of the 2022 Camry lineup's models' appearances is the only thing that has changed. The Nightshade appearance package, which includes black exterior trim, black wheels, etc., is now available on hybrid vehicles, unlike before. The Camry offers Edge White on non-TRD trim levels along with somewhat altered color options. The Galactic Aqua color, however, is no longer available.

The well-known Toyota Camry is unquestionably among the top choices when it comes to mid-size sedans. The vehicle continues to rank among the most favored and well-known mid-size vehicles on the market. It’s logical that it is still one of the most sought-after automobile models worldwide.


Toyota Camry 2022 side view

The Toyota Camry for 2022 looks almost identical to the 2021 models from the exterior. However, the front bumper and the appearance of some of its trims have undergone minor design changes. For both FWD and AWD trains, it also includes an upgrade to the alloy wheel design. Similar to the 2021 models, the 2022 Toyota Camry has a lower roof, giving it a sportier appearance. The available headroom isn't much compromised by the lower roofline, either. You can still fit in the 2022 Camry if you're one of those tall guys.

However, despite the 2022 Toyota Camry's minor exterior design revisions, many people still prefer it for its alluring aesthetics and curves.


The interior of the 2022 Toyota Camry offers very few brand-new design improvements, much like the exterior. The largest change to the interior of the vehicle is the enlargement of the optional infotainment screen.

The baseline touchscreen for the 2022 models is a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen, however, you may always upgrade to a larger 9-inch touchscreen if you like.

Regardless of the 2022 Toyota Camry configurations, you can enjoy other audio, multimedia, and smart services features including;

  • Wi-Fi Connect

  • Apple CarPlay

  • Android Auto

  • SiriusXM

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Six speakers

The Toyota Camry model for 2022 features an 8-way power-adjustable front driver seat and a 6-way adjustable front passenger seat for added comfort. Additionally available are the driver's lumbar support and front-seat occupants' adjustable head restraints.

Regarding climate options, dual-zone climate control is a standard feature across all 2022 Toyota Camry models, including the XLE variant. However, the Toyota Camry TRD versions do not come with a dual-zone temperature control system. The front and back seat occupants can choose between heated seats in addition to the dual-zone temperature control settings.


Performance - Engine, Transmission, and Other

Although the eight-speed automatic transmission and conventional four-cylinder engine are smooth, the powerplant's acceleration capabilities are underwhelming. The Camry hybrid is powered by a less potent variation of that engine coupled with a battery and two electric motors, but it isn't any more fun to drive than the original engine. The silky 301-hp V-6, which is offered on the XLE, XSE, and TRD models as well as the variation, is the actual diamond of this lineup. It handles surprisingly well and has a calm ride. When cornering, the steering has a pleasing weight to it, and it feels light when navigating parking lots. Even in the hybrid, where it must combine friction with regenerative braking (where the energy is returned to the engine), we found the Camry's brake pedal to be quick and not overly soft.

Below is the lineup of all models on offer for the 2022 Toyota Camry:

  • Hybrid LE CVT

  • Hybrid Nightshade

  • Hybrid SE

  • Hybrid XLE

  • Hybrid XSE

  • LE Automatic

  • LE Automatic

  • SE Automatic

  • SE Automatic

  • SE Nightshade Automatic

  • SE Nightshade Automatic

  • XLE Automatic

  • XLE Automatic

  • XLE V6 Automatic

  • XSE Automatic

  • XSE Automatic

  • XSE V6 Automatic

  • TRD V6 Automatic

    Toyota Camry 2022 rear view

Safety Features

The 2022 Toyota Camry is equipped with a wide range of features that are available as standard equipment in terms of safety. Interestingly enough, you also have access to the Toyota Care maintenance plan, which is good for the first two years or up to 25,000 miles the car has been driven.

Below is a highlight of the safety features you should expect when you purchase the new 2022 Toyota Camry.

  • Advanced Airbag System comes standard with 10 airbags

  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection that utilizes both radar and camera to offer automatic braking

  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

  • Lane departure alert with steering assist

  • Blind Spot Monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert

  • Lane Tracing Assist (LTA)

  • Automatic High Beams (AHB) help offer clearer and better vision at night for speeds that exceed 25 mph

  • Road Sign Assist utilizes intelligent cameras to help the driver detect road signs


Its price ranges from 28 million to 30 million Naira