Car Maintenance 

Cars need regular check ups/maintenance. This regular maintenance helps to keep the car run smoothly and keeps the car in a good condition. Properly maintaining the car also ensures your safety, the safety of other road users and your passengers.

Here are some basic car maintenance that you can do yourself before taking the car to the mechanic’s workshop for an expert checkup.

  • Check your car tyre

    car tyres

Your car tyres need to be properly inflated to reduce their chances of blowing out while driving. Also, maintaining the perfect tyre pressure would help to reduce the tyre from wearing out easily.

A car’s lifespan is between 3-5 years and the recommended tyre pressure is 30-35 PSI. It is also required to always have a spare tyre at all times in your car.

  • Check the Oil

    change oil

The car’s oil is like the engine’s blood and serves as a lubricant that keeps the parts from grinding against each other which can cause friction and then destroy the engine.

Keep all the car’s fluids (engine oil, brake oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc) topped and changed regularly. Changing and checking your car’s oil is key to keeping the engine in good shape.

  • Replace broken windshield wipers

    car wiper

When your wipers screech while operating, it means it is time for a replacement. Windshield wipers help to give visibility while it is rainy and damaged wipers can reduce your visibility during heavy rain.

Knowing how to inspect your wiper blades regularly and replace them when necessary is one way to help keep your car safe.

  • Check your car brakes 

Brakes are a key part of every car. 

You should always be aware of how your brakes feel and what they sound like every time you drive. While driving, listen for any brake noise and pay attention to the vibrating from the brake pedal. 

If it takes more pressure to apply the brakes than normal they need to get checked by your mechanic.

  • Test your lights

    car light

Headlights are key safety lights on your car. You can keep them shining by cleaning the lenses and replacing bulbs as they start to dim. If the bulbs are out, take the car to your mechanics for a replacement.

Keeping your car in good shape can help keep you and your passengers safe. And remember, if you're ever unsure about how to inspect or replace a car part, be sure to contact your mechanic for help.