Car Parks Impact On Carbon Emissions

Carbon emission refers to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when fossil fuels are burned in vehicles, buildings, industrial processes, etc. CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases (GHG) that warms the atmosphere.

Transport accounts for most of his CO2 emissions in developed and developing countries. Carbon emissions from transportation account for over 35% of total greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Transport is the largest contributor to CO2 emissions, 75% of which comes from road transport. The energy and materials used to create hundreds of millions of parking spaces can have an impact on the environment. The environmental cost of so many parking spaces can increase CO2 emissions by up to 10% per kilometer per vehicle. SO₂ levels can increase by 25% and soot pollution by 90% over the lifetime of the vehicle. SO₂ and soot are responsible for respiratory illness.


Research shows that parking has a much bigger impact on the environment than people think. That is why environmentalists have developed the concept of green parks.

Green parking is a term related to environmentally sustainable parking spaces and systems. It includes several best practices to help park owners and operators reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Parking lots occupy much land that was once depleted or occupied by forest. To offset this land loss, environmentalists have introduced green parking lots. This was usually smaller and minimized the number of parking spaces. A green multi-storey car park is a good example of a green car park. This is because it helps accommodate a large number of vehicles in an area with limited verticality.

Green parking focuses on minimizing energy consumption. Using scaled lighting is a great way to reduce excessive lighting. By dimming lights where cyclists and pedestrians dwell and increasing lights to help vehicles save energy.

The use of electric vehicles (EVs) can replace cars that run on fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emissions from EVs are about 43% lower than from diesel vehicles.

Car parks that offer EV charging as a service can encourage a switch to cleaner transportation. Just like any of Dubai's green parking lots offer free parking for electric vehicles. Some green car parks use solar energy to charge electric vehicles.

Planting flowers, shrubs, and trees will act as natural rainwater reservoirs and prevent your property from being flooded. Planting more plants also helps reduce overall carbon dioxide levels in parking lots.


Inefficient parking can cause more pollution than you think. The average driver in Lagos spends an average of 20 minutes a day looking for parking. Also, about 50% of all traffic congestion is caused by vehicles driving to find or park on the road, and they routinely emit a lot of CO2.

The solution to inefficient parking is to introduce smarter parking systems worldwide. When drivers can easily find and pay for their space, they spend less time driving and reduce their carbon footprint. Smart Parking cuts down on parking queues by paying with e-wallets and cards using faster payment methods, similar to the Parkwell mobile app.

Parkwell offers thousands of parking spaces in Lagos, saving you travel time and reducing your carbon footprint. Parkwell has a responsibility to tackle climate change as quickly as possible; with our app, you can now calculate carbon emissions from your car. As the world moves towards cleaner and more sustainable parking lots, it will be possible to reduce the alarming level of pollution on our planet.

Parking is no longer a car owner's problem. The lack of proper parking infrastructure affects everyone in a city, as it leads to congestion, pollution, and general unrest on the streets. The industry must rise to meet these rising expectations, which it has managed well since the 2020 pandemic.

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