Car Security

Car Security is paramount for every car owner and for every time that you park your car, your priority should be the car's safety.

To avoid falling victim to car theft, I compiled a list of safety measures to help in protecting your car and other valuables that might be in the car.

Secure Your Car Keys

Secure your car keys

Always keep your car keys in sight during errands, a stop at a restaurant or filling station. Accessibility to a car's key is one of the easiest ways to steal a car. When you park your car for an emergency stop, always remember to remove the key from the ignition.

Also, don't place your car keys in exposed areas such as places close to your window sill, open drawers, etc.

Install a Car Alarm

Install a Car Alarm

Car alarms alert you when there is a meddling with your car. Car alarms are always active and go off as quickly as a person tries to gain forceful entry into the car. 

However, there is no reassurance that car alarms won’t stop your valuables from being stolen but it could send the burglar into a panic mode. 

Hide Your Valuables 

Hide your Valuables

Putting your accessories-phone, laptop, sunshades, wallets, bags,etc on your car’s dashboard or seat would attract petty thieves who can also decide to not only break into your car and steal your valuables but also steal the car.

When parking your car, you should always take care of the valuables in your car either by carrying them with you or locking them away in the boot/trunk, or keeping them in places that are hidden-under your car seats or the drawers.

Install A Car Tracker

Install a car tracker

A car tracker would find you to track your car after it has been stolen. If you don’t have a GPS tracker, try and get one then install in your car. This car tracker is hidden in your car via a transmitter that is connected to your phone. 

However, if you find out the location of your stolen car, it is not advisable to go alone to intercept but to go with police officers.

Buy A Steering Lock

Buy A Steering Lock

A steering wheel lock is one of the easiest car theft deterrents, the lock fits directly on the steering which makes it impossible to move the car even if the engine is on. You can’t move the car except you unlock the steering lock.

Another way to guarantee the safety of your car is to find a safe parking space for it and also remember to always lock the door of your car and keep your windows fully closed.