Ever being stranded before entering a parking lot because you didn't have enough cash to pay for parking? Just like how you go to a shopping mall with your debit card and without cash, you can now do the same with parking. Before now, paying for parking often meant fiddling with change and paper tickets. But with smart parking, we can now enjoy cashless and ticketless parking fees. We see how people around the world embrace cashless transactions, hence sooner than later it'll be common for parking too.

Cashless Parking

Cashless parking refers to payment systems that do not require physical money for parking transactions. Digital solutions are a fast and secure way to pay for parking, typically using credit/debit card terminals or mobile payments. Drivers or car owners can easily pay for parking with their smartphones without having to hunt for the right change at many exits.

Cashless parking is made possible by smart parking apps, which often run on smartphones and require a simple registration and login by the user. An example of a smart parking app is the Parkwell Mobile app. You can also pay in advance when reserving your parking space via e-wallet or debit/credit card. Just like the Parkwell Mobile app, smart parking apps allow you to make payments easily, safely, and quickly without the hassle of carrying cash. The parking app also sends reminder texts so the customer knows when the parking session is over. This means you can recharge your session without returning to your car.




The cornerstone of cashless parking is not wasting time looking for the right change to pay for your parking space. It saves drivers and parking staff time by allowing drivers to pay at the touch of a button.


This is a technology-enabled system that leverages smart parking sensors and payment gateways, potentially eliminating the need for human intervention and saving labor costs.


The system will help the driver make quick payments through his online portal that debits the amount directly from the user's account instead of dealing with currencies. This is a convenient system for both drivers and staff.


Payments through cashless gateways are protected by encryption, making them as secure as any other online transaction. It's fast, safe, and reliable, and drivers don't have to bother looking for cash every time they park. Therefore, parking operators can also save time per transaction. 

Cashless parking is a glimpse into the future of the parking industry. Start with downloading and using the Parkwell Mobile app to secure and pay for parking.