Checking for Parking Space While House Hunting

Wait, don't sign that lease. I know you might have checked all the other amenities, but have you checked the parking?

Renting an apartment is an important decision and it requires having a level head and patience, just like when you're getting into a relationship, you don't rush things. Finding the perfect apartment can be overwhelming, and when you finally find one you love do not forget to check your parking options. 

You might ask, "why is parking important?" Let me tell you now, parking is very important, especially if you have a car. It should be high on your priority list too. I mean as a car owner, the last thing you want is to drive round the street in search of where you can park. First, you might not even find a parking lot close by, next it is not even safe for you and your car. So, when you're checking the apartment, check the parking options, and ask questions. 

Here are some factors you should consider :

Do I Have A Parking Space?

If you finally go through with renting the apartment, does it come with a parking space for the apartment? If it does, how many cars can I park? You'll find that this is a valid question. If you are sharing the apartment, does the other owner also get a parking space?

Cost Of Parking

In some places, you might have to pay for parking. If you're going to rent an apartment like that, you should ask for the parking cost, see if it is something you can afford, or if you'll have to find other options. 

Do Your Guests Get Parking Spaces, When They Come Over?

This is also important. Imagine having people over, then they have to circle round the block in search of a parking space. 

Does the house come with a garage? 

A lot of people view garages as luxury, but sometimes, it can be worth the splurge. I mean, during the winter season, instead of constantly trying to scrape snow from your windscreen, having your car in the garage prevents it from the snow. Also, your car engine doesn't like extreme weather conditions. And you can prevent it from thieves. 

As a house hunter, especially if you have a car, don't forget to check the parking conditions of the house you plan to rent, and if you don't have a car, you should also check it too because the situation can change.

If your house doesn't have a parking space that suits you, you don't have to worry. ParkWell has your back. All you need to do is download our mobile app and find a space that is near you.