How to solve the problem of parking at your events. 

We all know how difficult it is finding parking spaces and hosting events just intensifies that problem because there are a lot of people who want to park their vehicles. Now, imagine a scenario where you are hosting an event in the city and your guests have to drive 30 minutes to find a suitable parking space, then walk back to the venue of the event. That is frustrating and tiring, I know.

You see the problem of parking is not something new, in fact, it has been since the very first automobiles were created. And the sad thing is that with urbanization, and population expansion, the problem keeps getting worse.

In the past, a lot of major cities had their curbs filled with cars. The beginning of the 20th century brought innovations like the parking meter, and off-street parking to solve the issue of parking. There were a lot of parking requirements too, and soon parking lots were more than buildings. 

In recent times, in a lot of major cities with lots of parking lots, so many drivers have to circle round blocks in search of a parking space. And oftentimes, drivers park illegally when they run out of time and space.

As a result, it has been proven that technology might be the only way to solve this parking problem and the solution lies in smart parking(this smart parking should be embedded with the article about the future of parking is smart parking).

A lot of people say that carpooling is a good solution, which is true in a sense because it means that fewer cars would be on the road. In practice, however, it isn't so feasible.

The promise of ride hailing services was that people would rely on them more and drop their cars, however, what happened was that people who used bus services traded for car travels, hence allowing more cars on the road and increased traffic congestion and so many people did not bother with carpooling. 

Smart parking is not about cars that drive and park themselves, it is a solution that helps you find a parking spot without having to drive for half an hour. And this is what we do at ParkWell. 

At ParkWell, we solve your parking problems for you by helping you find the nearest parking spot. This is achieved through the Internet of Things,(IoT), machine language and the use of sensors. Data is collected then transmitted to a central platform in real time. As a result, drivers know which spots are occupied and which spots are free. Hence, drivers have access to parking availability information right in the application on their smartphones. Asides from that, IoT helps to monitor traffic and locate parking violations more quickly.

IoT is a good solution to parking problems now. With people working on more technology and the talk of self-driving cars, the problem of parking is still going to be prominent, hence steps must be taken to ensure that these problems are solved. 

In the future, there might be more innovations to parking like Robot-Assisted Parking and the Robot Valet System. 

In summary, in order to solve the problem of parking at your event, download the ParkWell app on your app store, let's help you cater to your events by finding a suitable parking space for you and your guests, so they can avoid the hassle of having to repark and move their cars when other guests want to move.