Maintaining Social Distance In A Parking Lot During A Pandemic

Like all other major pandemic that has happened in history, no person could predict exactly how much impact the COVID 19 virus spread was going to be and how long it would take for us to get over it.

Covid-19 disrupted our lives, travels and mobility, the way we go about our day-to-day routine has turned topsy-turvy. Hence, somany public health precautions which also includes Social Distancing are now a part of our day to day activities.

We all have the responsibility of keeping ourselves safe and healthy until vaccines are available everywhere and for everyone.

What Is Social Distancing?

Social distancing means putting enough space between you and other people outside your household. This means that if you go out, you have to leave space, at least 6 feet, between yourself and other people. Social distancing is one of the easiest ways of slowing down the spread of the virus. A lot of people have questions on how to maintain social distance in a parking lot. I mean technically, cars take over 80% of the space. So, how do we have enough space to meet the requirement for social distance? Here are some tips that would help you practice social distance at a parking lot.

1. Avoid Crowds

COVID 19 is spread through physical contact and from droplets spread from coughing or sneezing. This means that you have to avoid contact with people. So, when picking a parking lot, choose one that is not crowded both inside the lot and outside the premises. Also, you should take time to check if the lot is following the proper COVID 19 protocols, crowd control method and social distancing culture.

2. Wear Masks.

While practising social distancing, you should also ensure that you use your nose mask. Please wear it properly by ensuring that it covers your nose and mouth properly. Make sure you leave space so that there is a distance between you and other vehicle owners. Also, ensure that the staff also wears their masks and protective gears.

3. Precautionary Gears For Valet Parking.

Valet parking is a feature of so many establishments, if you’re visiting an establishment with valet parking, make sure that the staff at that lot are all geared up in their masks, gloves and face shields. Even more, you have to check that there is proper disinfection of the door handles, steering wheels and keys of the vehicles.

4. Search For Parking Lots Where Little Or No Contact Is Required.

A contactless parking lot means you don’t need to drop or exchange tickets at any point. This reduces the contact between you, staff and other vehicle owners at different touchpoints. For instance, most of ParkWell's parking lots are contactless, transactions are done online and the only time you might have to make contact might be to ask the park managers questions; if there any at all.

5. Wash Your Hands And Sanitize Regularly.

As part of the safety precautions for the pandemic, we’re told to wash our hands regularly with soap for twenty seconds or sing the popular ’Happy Birthday’ song twice and then rinse in flowing water. If that is unavailable, you should use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

So, in a parking lot, you should also wash your hands and use a sanitizer to contain the risk of spreading the virus.

As we go about our daily lives in the midst of the pandemic, let’s remember to maintain social distance, sanitize and mask up.