Parking Anxiety

A lot of people develop anxiety over so many things even the ones you might consider little. No, they are not being dramatic, those things just give them anxiety. 

Let's talk  about parking anxiety. 

It is not far fetched that people develop anxiety over parking, especially with the stress of finding a parking space, and parking well so you don't cause an inconvenience to her motorists. This anxiety is caused by the thought of not finding a parking space, or you not being able to park when you find one. 

The symptoms of parking anxiety vary from person to person. It should not be confused for general anxiety disorder, especially when you don't suffer from anxiety at other times. The symptoms include sweaty palms, intense shaking, tension, palpitations, short breaths having difficulties breathing and a feeling of claustrophobia. Sounds extreme? Well, a search on Google will show you that this is more common than you think. 

Parking anxiety is closely associated with driving anxiety known as vehophobia. In research carried out by Nissan in 2008, the study revealed that 39% of drivers are anxious behind the wheel. Quite a large number if you ask me. 27% of these people were more anxious when it came to parking. A lot of them felt anxious when it came to parking at home or work for fear of not getting a good parking space. 

The good thing is that you don't have to worry about parking. With ParkWell, all you have to do is download the app and input your location, then we show you a suitable parkwell lot that is close to you.  

How to Enjoy easy and Secure Parking without stress?

  1. Always leave at least ten minutes earlier than planned, this is going to give you a little longer to get settled while looking for your parking slot.

  2. Always try to reverse park, it is much safer and easier to drive out of a space as it avoids backing into unknown traffic. (read here: Parking hacks).

  3. Ask questions from people who are familiar with the area. If you’re going for a meeting in an unknown area, ask someone who lives in the area, or who you’re meeting, about the parking situation of the area or you can simply download our Parking app here (on google play store).

  4. Find out about the parking laws in the area.

  5. Most importantly, download the ParkWell app to check for affordable and secure Parking spaces near you or wherever you may be going to.