Parking Challenges Car Owners Face At The Airport

Many people around the world want airports to improve their ground performance. However, there is strong resistance to these demands. If an airport does not have the necessary ground capacity or enough car park lots, it can cause so much stress for visitors, travelers, and nearby residents. 


Here are some common challenges that arise from airport parking:

1. Unnecessary traffic jams and road congestion

With the limited parking capacity at airports, it's easy for traffic jams to be a regular occurrence. Congestion is also expected in the surrounding area. Many people around the world want more parking spaces at airports. 

2. Vehicle damage

One challenge car owners face at airport parking lots is vehicle damage. Most people travel only to return to a dented car or unfunctional car. People who travel to and from airports on a regular basis do not like to park their cars at the airport. They are against it because they fear that their car will be damaged before their return, and their fear is clearly not unfounded. Damage such as scratches, dents, and shards of glass is basically part of the daily life of cars parked on airport grounds. Most people even park their cars at a nearby hotel to avoid car damage, although this might not be any safer.

3. Customer dissatisfaction

Customer complaints are a common problem when it comes to airport parking. If you think about it, arriving at the airport and finding a parking space is the first step in the customer journey. If this first step doesn't go smoothly, the rest of the journey will likely be a mess.No one likes getting stuck in traffic or spinning around to find a parking space. 

Airports management should give their customers the best parking and traveling experience.


How Can Parkwell Solve Airport Parking Challenges?

Parkwell is a digitalized parking platform by making it easy for car owners to park their cars with ease and at an affordable cost alongside guaranteed security.

Parkwell can solve these problems by;

  • helping the airport car park management keep track of and take control of their parking lots

  • allowing visitors, travelers, and employees to find the best routes to empty parking spaces through the Parkwell mobile app

  • minimizing on-road traffic and congestion near the airport

  • making it possible for travelers to make online reservations of parking spaces, touchless payments, and enjoy hassle-free parking

Smart parking apps like Parkwell would help airports make efficient use of their ground-side capacity. Parkwell believes in smart mobility and parking ideas to ensure a safer and saner city. We believe in transforming available parking data into digital information to streamline travel, save travelers much-needed time, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.