Parking in Big cities - Lagos

In a busy city like Lagos, parking is not in the dictionary, lol, Finding a parking space in Lagos is almost like finding a needle in the haystack. With the steady inflow of tourists, people, startups, it is very necessary to provide a solution to the problem of parking spaces, especially in strategic locations. Ignoring parking spaces problems in big cities especially in a city like Lagos may lead to insecurities which could lead to a decline in the city’s revenue and make it an unsafe place.

Here in this article, I highlighted some of the reasons why big cities should pay attention to parking spaces.

Security and Safety

Parking Security

Having parking spaces in strategic places would help with security. Drivers can comfortably pack their cars in parks without having the fear of their cars or property getting stolen or damaged. 

If a city lacks or fails to offer parking spaces, either government or private-owned, people would start to take unsafe decisions and create an unsafe environment. Failure to create accessible car parking spaces force drivers to look for an alternative parking system which can be dangerous and unsafe.


Parking Tourism

For a city like Lagos, which has a bubbly lifestyle and a millennial culture, tourism is key and it is one of the sources of revenue for the city. In a place like Lagos, where traffic is inevitable due to congestion and migration of people, not having adequate good parking spaces can make the city unfriendly and could change the tourism culture.

Asides from tourism being a great source of revenue, it presents the city in good light on the global map which would attract more tourists and investors to come invest to set up companies.


Parking Revenue

Mismanagement of parking space equals lots of problems arising. Owning a parking space is a great and indispensable source of revenue, although it could be detrimental if mismanaged.  An empty land could be constructed into a good and accessible parking space, this would attract people and would even motivate them to pay for parking slots and increase revenue in charge for the park owner.

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