I've seen how employees with cars struggle to find suitable parking spaces due to insufficient or no parking lot in the organization. Some employees even risk getting fined heavily by officials or being victims of car part theft because they park by the roadside. 

While it might not be the responsibility of the employer to provide parking spaces for the employee, it's a huge plus to the company as it'll encourage employees to come to work with their vehicles without going through the hustle to jump on a bus to work. Imagine your employees resuming work on a Monday or Friday morning looking all comfortable and ready to work without complaining about how difficult it was to get to work. In a city that's as busy as Lagos, adding the provision of parking to the features the company provides would encourage more in-person attendance because no one wants to be stuck looking for where to park their car and still be expected to be productive. 


A company’s aim should be to have productive employees come to work to help achieve the vision and mission of the company. Parkwell being a digital parking platform is one of the foremost parking platforms that organizes and manages parking for companies with limited parking spaces. We love to see happy employees resume work with ease. 

With Parkwell you can get a designated parking space for your employees throughout their stay in your company. This would help reduce the time they spend looking for parking space and waste time that could be used productively. 

Do you think you need this parking feature in your company but don’t know how to go about it? Then you might need to contact Parkwell at

There's this ease that comes with parking and we provide that ease!