What Type Of Parker Are You?

Searching for space in the parking lot brings your attention to different behaviors. We have summed up some of those behaviors for you, now it's left for you to decide which category you fall into.

  • The One With No Idea Of The Meaning Of Personal Space. 

This driver likes to park too close to other cars. Excuse me? Don't you know what space means? You often wonder how they got there. 

  • The Ones That Needs Space

These drivers cherish their personal space so they always park where there's less cars. And the park in a way that you can't interface with their car space. 

  • Attention Lovers

These guys often use sports or luxury cars, any car that will grab the attention of others. You will find them revving their engine for no reason. 

  • Time Wasters

You can't blame these ones. They don't have a social life so they like to take their time in the parking lot. They can afford to sleep in traffic so yes, they will waste time when it comes to reversing out of the parking lot. It makes you wonder if they are running away from home.

  • The Fighters

These ones park their cars anyhow and are always ready to fight even if they are at fault.

They don't care that the space left is very small for other cars. 

  • Law Abiding Parker

These ones are very rare but they adhere to parking laws. They prefer to circle the lot than to park in a small space that will cause an inconvenience to the other drivers.

  • The Law Breaker

They are always in a hurry which leads to them breaking parking laws.

Always parking where he's not meant to and he is a regular customer with the Traffic officials.

The parking lot can be fun when you notice these things. When next you're parking, check out for these types of parkers. By the way, what type of a parker are you, tell us in the comment section. 

Quote of the day-

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