Paying for parking is one thing most car owners avoid, they consider it unnecessary to actually charge for parking. As a driver, you may find yourself at the mercy of a market that is never transparent. At the same time, landowners recognize that good parking policies contribute significantly not only to the quality of life in cities but also to individuals' accessibility. Paid parking has a lot of pros when compared to free parking. Seeing that parking is finite and one parking spot can only accommodate a car at a time, it's only wise to place a price on parking besides, we pay for every other thing from the fuel used, tires, and insurance. 

The fact remains that in many urban areas with high demand for parking, fixing the apparent price at zero means more people want it than there is space available. Without a means to calculate the cost of parking, people tend to park their cars throughout the day at no cost. As a result, other people waste time looking for a free and open parking spot which could also cause an increase in parking. Paying for parking is necessary to meet the demands of parking by car owners.


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Some things that determine the cost of parking are:

  • The security of the environment

  • Parking lot maintenance

  • Number of hours spent

  • The need to cover the cost


With smart parking apps like Parkwell Mobile app, parking has been made easy such that you can easily pay for parking and also find an available space for your car in a location or environment where you're headed. It makes it quicker, in the sense that you don't have to drive around looking for parking. And this reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions.